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EverQuest II update coming soon

Sony Online Entertainment is giving Norrath a touch up. EverQuest II's 19th update will go live on February 2nd. Along with that, their player-versus-player(pvp) servers will be available near the end of February.

After the update, players will be able to choose their final
class from the beginning of the game. Previously, characters could only
choose a general class at the onset of the game. This addition will
give new players a more unique experience, and it will diversify the
realm's population as each character is decked out in
final-class-specific gear. The tutorial has also been reworked. Captain Varlos and his
ship, Far Journey, have been scrapped in favor of two spawn points--The
Outpost of the Overlord for evil characters and The Queen's Colony for
good characters. Other additions include changes to the mentoring system, tweaks to the
user interface, and an overhaul of the Solusek's Eye dungeon.

EverQuest II is rated T for Teen.

View: EverQuest Website

News source: GameSpot

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