Facebook launches its "road show" video for its IPO

The launch of the Facebook public stock offering is just a few days away; some reports claim that it will launch on Friday, May 18th. So obviously, the company would like for you to consider buying some shares. Today, Facebook launched what it called a "road show", basically a video presentation which tries to convince investors to put their hard earned money into Facebook stock.

The 30 minute presentation features Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, along with other Facebook executives, talking about the kinds of things that Facebook does already that it thinks are important to possible stock owners. One of them is the controversial Timeline profile. Zuckerberg and the other Facebook team members try to present Timeline as a way to show that every person's individual story is worth telling.

Zuckerberg also talks about using the Internet for as long as he could remember, including searching on sites like Yahoo and Google. However, he also felt that there was one thing missing from those sites, saying, "The thing that was missing was people. There wasn't any way for that to be on the Web."

In addition to the video road show, CNN reports that Zuckerberg and other company executives will be going on a real road trip, starting Monday in New York City and then to Boston, Chicago, Denver and Menlo Park, California for the next two weeks. These meetings are for large investors rather than the ordinary stock buyer but the video road show should be a close approximation to what Facebook will be telling the super rich investors.

Image via Facebook

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