Pioneer BDR-2207: 128 Gigabytes on a single Blu-ray disk

Pioneer is about to market BDR-2207, the company’s new, powerful optical disks burner that supports the latest Blu-ray class format known as BDXL. Thanks to the BDXL specifications, the new burner can write (and obviously read) hundreds of Gigabytes of data on a single 12-cm Blu-ray disk.

Defined in June 2010, BDXL includes triple and quad-layer BD-R (write once) disks holding 100 and 128 Gigabytes of data respectively. BDR-2207 is among the first (if not the first) BD writers to support disks with such gargantuan storage volume, while of course reading and writing all the other optical and laser-based media formats.

The new Pioneer burner – the company’s “most powerful and full featured drive” – is a Serial-ATA device that reads and writes Blu-ray disks (BD-R and BD-RE) up to 6x (12x for single and double-layer Blu-rays), DVD disks (-R,+R,-RW,-RAM) up to 12x, CD-R and CD-RW disks up to 40/24x. The drive’s cache amounts to 4 Megabytes.

BDXL support aside, BDR-2207 also includes features to increase performance and security of data retrieving from burned and original disks: the drive is 42% faster to get a disk ready for the OS after insertion, Pioneer states, offers a “smoother” movie playback (DVD or Blu-ray) in case of “scratches, fingerprints and other abnormalities” that could render parts of the disk unreadable (PowerRead), automatically adjusts its reading speed for silent movie watching or super-fast backup burning (Auto Quiet mode), algorithmically extracts original data from difficult-to-read CD-audio disks “as accurately as possible” (PureRead).

Set to be released this month for a suggested retail price of 99,99 US dollars, the BDR-2207 package also includes programs made by software company Cyberlink to watch 2D and 3D movies (PowerDVD 10 BD3D), edit or author user-made video clips (PowerDirector 9) and backup personal files (Power2Go 7).

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