Facebook's Messenger has disappeared from the Windows 10 Store [Update]

Facebook's Messenger app has mysteriously been removed from the Store for Windows 10 users. If you search for it, you won't find it, but moreover, you won't be able to download it even if you get to the listing.

Normally, when an app is removed, you can still get it through My Library if you've already obtained it, but the Store will give you an error if you try to do that now. Opening the listing doesn't even provide an Install button.

MSPU speculates that it could have been mistakenly marked as a private app, but that doesn't seem likely. Even apps that get turned private can still be downloaded if already obtained. Also, the Windows Phone 8.1 app is still available, adding a bit more mystery into the mix.

Facebook's trio of Windows 10 apps has been around since late April, and the company promised to embrace the Windows 10 platform. The apps themselves are iOS ports, so it doesn't take an unreasonable amount of work to maintain them. It would be surprising to learn that this is the result of the firm actually pulling its app.

Nevertheless, we've reached out to Facebook for a statement. We'll keep you updated when we hear something.

Update: The app has reappeared in the Windows Store; however, Facebook hasn't responded to our inquiry, so we still have no idea why it was missing in the first place.

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