Firefox Preview (Nightly) gets support for one add-on, more should arrive soon

It appears as though Mozilla is pushing out a new update for its in-development browser, Firefox Preview (Nightly), that finally brings add-on support. Right now, users will be limited to installing just one add-on: uBlock Origin, but hopefully we won’t have to wait long until other extensions are made available for download.

Mozilla has been working since the middle of last year to bring its next-generation Firefox for Android browser up to feature parity with the existing version of Firefox for Android. One of the most important features that Firefox Preview was lacking was add-on support but that should be added, in full, soon.

While Mozilla works on its new browser, the stable Firefox browser has been left on version 68 and has only received point release updates. General users can continue to use this more stable version of Firefox until Firefox Preview graduates to become the main release sometime in the first half of this year.

In order to test out add-ons, you need to download the Nightly version of Firefox Preview, from there head into the menu, Add-ons Manager, then press the plus next to the add-on, it’ll then ask you to confirm the installation. With add-on nearly fully implemented, it’s a sure sign that Mozilla is close to making Firefox Preview its default browser on Android.

Source: Sören Hentzschel

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