Firefox third-party cookie blocking again postponed

Once again, Mozilla has postponed including third-party cookie blocking by default in Firefox for several months, as the company wants to include something known as the "Cookie Cleaninghouse". Previously we heard that Firefox 22, scheduled for release on June 25, would include cookie third party cookie blocking, although last month we heard it was delayed; now it has been delayed further as Mozilla implements the Cookie Cleaninghouse (CCH).

The CCH was launched by Stanford University's Center for Internet and Society as a number of lists to help manage third party cookies: one list will be available that details sites to be blocked by web browsers, will another will list blocking exceptions. The idea is that websites would be added to these lists, now with the help of Mozilla, in a similar fashion to malware detection lists that are already used by modern browsers.

As the CCH lists are currently still being populated and are not expected to be ready until later this year, it could still be many months before we see Firefox implement third-party cookie blocking.

Source: PCWorld
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