First 4 TB hard drive on sale in Japan

While there may be a PC hard drive shortage that is making things hard for both PC manufacturers and for people who just want to buy a replacement drive, that isn't stopping hard drive makers from continuing to add storage space to their platters. now reports that Hitachi has reportedly become the first such hard drive maker to create an internal PC hard drive with a whopping 4 TB of storage space.

The new world record holder on internal hard drive space was spotted on sale in Japan by a local web site, Akiba PC Watch, but so far the company itself has yet to officially announce the product. The hard drive itself, which is part of Hitachi's Deskstar line, has a SATA 6Gbps interface along with 32 MB of cache. It also has the company's proprietary CoolSpin technology which is supposed to allow the hard drive to run both quieter and with less heat.

The price for the new Hitachi Deskstar 4 TB hard drive? If you buy it in Japan it will set you back 26,800 yen, or about $345. Again, with the current hard drive shortage due to the flooding in Thailand, that's a lot of money to spend on some extra data storage space for your PC. We suspect that other hard drive makers will be introducing their own 4 TB hard drives in the very near future.

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