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First Intel Banias chip to be a 1.40GHz part

Intel will intro a banias chip in a low voltage version at 1.70GHz while Intel will also launch a 1.10GHz ultra low voltage version in the second quarter of 2003, we can reveal today.

But the first Banias will appear in the first quarter of next year, and speed grades of 1.40GHz, 1.50GHz and 1.60GHz are in store, using the Odem chipset.

There will also be performance low voltage Banias chips at 1.10GHz in Q2 of 2003, as well as a 900MHz performance ultra low voltage part.

The information comes from the latest Intel roadmaps which we were shown in a London hostelry by a mole yesterday.

Intel says that the Banias "will ramp in all corporate segments in 2003".

Whether Intel will sneak a P4 based "Banias" out of the door later on this year is now debatable, as we reported before.

Q1 of next year and Q4 of this year, are pretty close, and it seems Intel's Banias plans are now very well advanced.

News source: The Inquirer

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