BMG to issue promo CDs with copy protections

Here comes another nail in the coffin to getting your beloved MP3's on the net early!

BMG are putting the finishing touches to placing copy protection (or anti-copying measures) on the promo CD's that are given out radio stations, retailers and music journalists free of charge in advance of scheduled release dates.

These CDs have been suspected as the source of songs that were put on the Internet before they were released. Additionally, these CD's, which until now, have been devoid of protection and a great source of early CD/MP3 song releases on the net.

Each new promo CD will bear a label informing retailers, radio DJs and reporters of the technology, and includes an e-mail address for feedback.

BMG said that while the measures prevent file sharing of CDs, they allow the discs to be played on personal computers or portable players. In a written statement, BMG said that this is possible via its Digital Access technology, which allows CDs to be played on a PC by adding a digitally encrypted file for each track on the CD.

BMG's Arista Records, RCA Music Group and BMG Music Canada will begin sending out the protected promotional CDs for new releases as early as this month, the company said.

News source: Newsbytes

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