Gabe promises Insider new Windows 10 build if Hawks win Super Bowl; Hawks lose

Image via BBC

The folk at Microsoft must be feeling a bit low this morning after watching their team, the Seattle Seahawks, lose the Super Bowl after giving away a ten point advantage. The Patriots were 10 points down midway through the fourth quarter, with the Seahawks having already come back from 7-0 and 14-7 down to lead 24-14, but it wasn't enough to hold off the Patriots win of 24-28, with two minutes to spare.

During the game a Windows Insider tweeted to Gabe Aul "if the Seahawks win tonight, will you pop out a new build? " and Gabe promised he would "see what he could do."

Of course, the highly unlikely proposed 99-36 result and the resulting score line will likely have no bearing at all if Insiders get a new build today, tomorrow or next week, but one thing's for sure, there won't be a whole lot of celebratin' going on at the Redmond campus today.

Only a week ago, Gabe tweeted that Insiders won't have to wait as long between builds anymore, but considering it hasn't been two weeks since build 9926 was deployed we'll just have to hope the next one isn't too far off.

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