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Gallery: The Surface Pro 3 is thin and here are the pics to prove it

Microsoft may have created the most over-engineered tablet that we have ever seen. With high-class internals, svelte aesthetics and a screen that is frankly gorgeous, it's hard not to love the Surface Pro 3. While we're not quite ready to publish our review, as we dig into each new feature of the device in detail and test each aspect thoroughly, there is absolutely no argument that this is a beautiful device.

We compared the Pro 3 against the Pro 1, Surface 2, iPad 3, iPhone 5, Lumia Icon, Acer S7 and Macbook Pro Retina to help you get a better look at the tiny profile of the Pro 3. There is no doubt that this device has a timeless modern appeal to it and seeing that the specs are top notch, it should be a machine that lasts as long as any other modern laptop. 

Pro 3 | Pro 1

Pro 3 | Surface 1

Pro 3 | Surface 2

Pro 3 | Lumia Icon

Pro 3 | iPad 3

Pro 3 | Macbook Pro Retina

Pro 3 | Acer S7

Having looked at the pictures, do you see what we mean? Even with the Type Cover on with the laptop comparison shots, the Pro 3 is certainly in the Ultrabook-class when it comes to portability and is noticeably thinner than the Macbook Pro with Retina display. The most astonishing shot, in our opinion, is that the Pro 3 is thinner than the Lumia Icon, a premium smartphone built by the folks of the recently acquired Nokia handset division.

The Pro 3 is a great piece of Microsoft engineering and shows what the company can do when it puts the best of its ability into a single piece of hardware. While our review will dive deeper into the the pros and cons of the Pro 3, know this: it's a rock-solid machine that has been engineered to the highest standards. 

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