Gears of War 4 May Update adds Windows 10 multi-GPU support, two new maps, and more

The Coalition is continuing its monthly update agenda for Gears of War 4 with the new May content update, which arrives bearing two maps to the game's multiplayer, multi-GPU support for Windows 10 and even a familiar character as a zombie.

The update's first map is Dawn, an entirely new addition to the series set in an abandoned mining colony, with a balanced mixture of close-quarter and long-range combat opportunities. Moreover, its Dropshot spawn is placed in a precarious position, which may lead to some hectic firefights over the weapon.

Next, the Gears of War 2 map, Security, is back with updated visuals and significant changes to its famous lasers. For instance, the lasers now block side entrances in King of the Hill and Escalation game modes to encourage more flanks. Meanwhile, the laser functionality is inverted in Horde Mode, where they are disabled by default, but pressing their buttons will activate them for some breathing room.

Gears of War 4 - Security

Continuing the Gears of War 2 theme, the update also includes a zombified Benjamin Carmine, who met his unfortunate end inside the giant Riftworm in the campaign. Zombie Ben Carmine will be available via the May Gear Packs.

Thanks to the new multi-GPU support, Gears of War 4 players on Windows 10 with multiple graphics cards in their systems can now utilize all of them when playing the game, drastically increasing performance. For who are those interested, more information on the technology and how to set it up correctly is available on the Gears of War forums. However, it is worth noting that only up to two GPUs will be used, with excess GPUs remaining unutilized.

The May Update is scheduled to drop later today for Xbox One and Windows 10, with its full changelog available here.

Source: Xbox Wire | Image: Gears of War

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