Ghost Recon Wildlands to get 'Ghost War' PVP mode for free, beta coming this summer 

Ubisoft's co-op tactical shooter, Ghost Recon Wildlands, is soon set to receive a player vs player game mode named, Ghost War. The mode will be Wildlands' first attempt at diverging from its purely cooperative gameplay which, as of now, revolves around taking down a drug cartel in Bolivia.

The PVP game mode is described as being set after the drug cartel's fall, with players being tasked with getting a foothold in the country's various regions. Ghost War will have two teams of four battling it out in a team death-match format, with players having access to a number of classes, including scout, sniper, tank and other specializations.

Furthermore, the developer is adding a few more gameplay features that aren’t available in the cooperative campaign, such as a new suppression system, as well as sound markers to pinpoint enemy positions. The game's lead designer Lucian Istrate added that “Our objective with Ghost War was to build upon the main game’s elements of co-op teamplay and open, tactical gameplay,” and that "all of these elements will make team play, communication, and strategic skills more crucial than ever."

Ubisoft isn't planning to just release the game mode without any testing, of course, and stated that Ghost War will go through an open beta period this summer, available on all platforms.

The Ghost War PVP mode is set to arrive free of charge to all Ghost Recon Wildlands owners on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with an official release, following the beta, planned for this fall.

Source: UbiBlog

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