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Google Chrome Canary finally gets Edge's sidebar search feature

Microsoft introduced a sidebar search to Edge browser last year to provide users with web results like definitions, images, useful links, and anything related to that query. Google is now working on the same feature for Chrome as the sidebar search is now available for Canary users after enabling a flag.

For those who do not know, sidebar search functionality allows you to highlight any text in a webpage to look for more information about it on the web without opening a new tab. Search results appear in a pane right side of the current web page, showing you all the relevant links, images, definitions, videos, and everything related to that text.

Microsoft Edge users are already familiar with it. And now, Chrome Canary users can also do a quick search without much distraction. The sidebar search in Chrome Canary works exactly the same as Edge. All you need to do is select a text and then right-click on it. Doing so will bring the context menu, where you find some called "Search Google for...." Now, you can click on the option to bring the side pane, which consists of all the relevant information related to your highlighted text.

But before you perform any of the above steps, remember that the sidebar search is not enabled by default and is behind a flag. You need to enable it first by following the below steps:

  1. Open Chrome Canary
  2. Type "Chrome://flags" in the URL bar
  3. Type the following in the "Search flags" box:
    'Search web in side panel'
  4. Now, click on Enabled, and then restart the browser
Sidebar search in Chrome Canary

The sidebar search in Chrome Canary seems to be available in select users, as we failed to bring the right side pane even after enabling the flag. However, Reddit user Leopeva64-2 got it working after enabling the flag. You can also get a good idea of how the sidebar search works in Chrome Canary below.

According to the Reddit user, Google will also introduce another option in the context menu, which will open a new tab instead of displaying a side panel.

We have no information about when it will be available for Chrome Stable users. But it should be available to all within a year.

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