Google Clips price now reduced by $50

It was October of last year when Google announced its new Clips camera. The firm pitched the camera as a new way to capture moments. While it made its debut at $249, the company, along with other major retailers, have now discounted the price by $50.

You can now head to the Google Store and variety of other retailers to purchase Clips at its new price of $199. It is unknown at this time whether this is a permanent price drop, but seeing how it just was made its retail debut in March, this could just be a temporary price cut.

If unfamiliar, Clips is portable digital camera that is meant to reduce user interaction, allowing you to just position it somewhere, at which point it will start taking photos for you. It utilizes AI in order to survey the area, its subjects and take images and videos at the appropriate time. It also learns over time, recognizing faces, expressions and more.

If interested, you can head to the Google Store or find it at Best Buy and B&H Photo Video.

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