Microsoft is integrating OneDrive Files Restore into Windows Defender

Ransomware is a worrisome problem for all PC users, not just businesses. Microsoft recognized this earlier this month when it announced that it's bringing OneDrive Files Restore to Office 365 Home and Personal users. The feature allows users to restore their files to an earlier state, before they were affected by the malware.

Now, the firm is taking it a step further, by integrating Files Restore into Windows Defender. If your PC is attacked by ransomware, Windows Defender should be able to see the attack and stop it, and then it will prompt you to restore your files via

The way that ransomware works is that it infects your PC, and then encrypts all of your files, asking for money - usually a cryptocurrency - in order to get your stuff back. Microsoft is trying to prove that your data is safer in the cloud, since it's saving multiple versions of the files. With the ability to restore those earlier versions, you won't have to give into the demands of cybercriminals.

Microsoft says that the feature is rolling out to Windows Insiders today, and it will be coming to all users on the Windows 10 April 2018 Update in the coming weeks.

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