Google to test out Gmail results in search

Google's Gmail service is already being used by the company to generate ads based on the emails the user gets in their inbox. It's a practice that's frowned upon by many people, including Microsoft. Now it looks like Google will be expanding how it uses Gmail in another of its businesses. reports that Google will be conducting what it calls a "limited field trial" that will enable some Gmail users to have their emails show up when they use the main Google search service. People who want to participate in the trial can sign up at Google's website.

People picked for the trial will see emails from their Gmail account appear to the right side of the page when a search result is typed. Users can choose to collapse the Gmail results if they wish.

Sagar Kamdar, director of product management for universal search at Google, admits that adding Gmail results in a search thread has to be safe and secure. He also says that Google would like to work with other email providers to incorporate their programs in Google search results. Kamdar added that Google is looking into adding search results from more of Google's businesses, including Google Docs, Calendar, and the Google Drive cloud service.

Source: | Image via Google

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