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Hackers will feed on Vista in 2008, says McAfee

If there isn't already enough bad news going around about Windows Vista then this takes the cake. According to InfoWorld, Hackers have been ignoring Vista due to its small market share!

"Most of the current malware has ignored Vista," said Craig Schmugar, a threat researcher at McAfee's Avert Lab -- but that's not because the operating system has been frustratingly secure. In fact, Schmugar argued, Vista has been a worthwhile target in the first year of its release.

"These people make their living writing malware or attacking users," he said. "They're driven by financial motivation, and only when market share has an impact will they really work on Vista."

At some point in 2008, Vista will own a tenth of the desktop operating system market, Schmugar predicted. The milestone should mark the beginning of concerted efforts by attackers to root out vulnerabilities in the newer operating system. "Although the huge market share that XP has means [attackers] will still be profitable there for years to come, Vista at 10 percent will put it on their radar," he said.

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