Has the "next Xbox" info leaker been raided by police?

For the past several months, a man known only as "SuperDaE" has been the apparent source of leaked information about Microsoft's next Xbox console. In August, he even auctioned off what he claims is a hardware development kit for the console, code named Durango.

Recently, SuperDaE posted up yet another auction on the Australian eBay website, as he tried to sell off yet another Durango SDK. The auction concluded on Monday with a winning bid of over $50,000. Now it appears his actions have finally gotten the attention of Microsoft and law enforcement.

In a post on his Twitter page a few hours ago, SuperDaE said simply, "Police raided me.".  In another message posted an hour later, he said, "I find it hilarious how the warrant only really mentions "Microsoft", "eBay", "Paypal"." His last message, where he answers a person's question, seems to indicate that he sees this situation as being funny, saying:

So far, there's been no independent confirmation that police have indeed raided the house of someone who has tried to sell a Durango SDK on eBay. It's also not known what kinds of motives "SuperDaE" has to sell these kits and leak information about the next Xbox to the press.

Source: SuperDaE on Twitter
Via: OXM

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