Video: Legacy x86 apps running on Microsoft's Windows RT

If you've bought into the Windows RT operating system you already know that you are quite limited when it comes to apps. Windows RT doesn't run any of old legacy apps available on Windows 7 or Windows 8 so users are limited to using Windows Store apps. However this situation might soon change albeit via unorthodox, jailbreaking, methods.

An XDA developer has released a jailbreaking tool that allows users to run full x86 apps on top of Windows RT. Of course this is a very unofficial way in which you are essentialy emulating an X86 environment on the Win RT environment so apps won't run natively. The developer mentions he's only tested this tool with a limited number of apps including 7Zip, Winrar and as you can see in the video above, Heroes of Might and Magic. The hack reminds us of a earlier one in which someone managed to emulate Apple's Rhapsody OS on a Surface RT.

The developer said he is also planning on releasing an updated version of the jailbreaking tool that would run with other apps and would also start up when you boot the computer so you don't have to do it yourself every time. However the emulator only runs at a very low clock speed so don't expect to use this for any real gameplay or intensive apps. It's more a proof of concept at this point than anything else.

Of course this is only for those willing to risk their devices as it might break/brick them and void the warranty so take extra care if you're planning on trying this out. 

Via: Lifehacker Source: XDA Devs

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