Hotmail users share over 350 million Office documents per month

A Microsoft employee has posted on his MSDN blog some interesting statistics about Office online usage and general online activities.  The results show that there is a growing base of online users who are willing to collaborate through open email portals such as Hotmail. 

BrunoTerkaly states that “people share over 350 million Office documents per month in Hotmail alone,” and that “billions of office documents are stored on Hotmail. Hotmail currently stores over 15 billion Microsoft Office documents that have been sent over e-mail” 

The numbers show that users are increasingly sharing documents over Microsoft’s suite of products, but also somewhat alarming is that Microsoft stores 15 billion Microsoft Office documents.  While it’s probably safe to assume that they are well encrypted and inaccessible to the masses, it goes to show that Google is not the only one storing information. 

The vast amount of information shows why Microsoft is continually moving its Office products closer to the cloud.  These type of statistics show that collaboration is key and that the sharing of documents is essential to the workplace.  

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