HP could name PC spin-off HP PC

HP is still conducting its investigation into what to do with its PC division. The company has already said that they would prefer to spin-off the PC business into its own company but if that does happen it could keep the HP name in some way, CRN.com quotes HP chairman Ray Lane as saying, "I am lobbying, and I don't have to lobby very hard, to call it the HP PC Business. Call it HP. It will be a sister company." He added, "It still has to carry the HP name, in my opinion. The customers want to see the HP name. The name change is 50 percent of the issue. What else are you going to call it?"

HP first announced that it was examining the future of its HP business in mid-August. In September it took out newspaper ads that talked about its possible future plans for the PC division. It said that HP's PC business, if it was to be spun off as a stand alone company, would be a $40 billion organization. However, Lane still says that the final decision has yet to be made. He says, "It we don't make that decision, it's because of two things: We can't offer a better proposition to customers and investors. If we can't, it stays inside HP."

HP has already announced that it has split its webOS business in two parts inside the company with the software side moved to HP’s Office of Strategy and Technology and the hardware side  moved to HP's Personal Systems Group, otherwise known as the PC division.

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