HTC Windows Phone 8X marketing video leaks

HTC made a big splash last month when they officially revealed the Windows Phone 8X smartphone. While the Windows Phone 8-based device is still a few weeks away from its official launch, its not a surprise to see that HTC is already preparing for its release with some marketing materials. posted up what looks like an authentic HTC marketing video on YouTube that shows off some of the features of the Windows Phone 8X. Most of the video has a person using the phone on a camping trip in the woods (they must have great reception out there).

The video puts the emphasis on the Beats Audio support, with a nod to Microsoft's Xbox Music service. It also mentions the wide angle front facing camera and the improved low light support on the camera as well. points out that the video shows a "4G" logo on the Windows Phone 8X, which would be further evidence that the device will work on LTE networks. The smartphone is already confirmed to be sold on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon's networks. However, there is still no word from HTC on what the Windows Phone 8X will be priced on those US wireless networks.

Source: YouTube

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