Images of the Galaxy S IV leak on Chinese forum

Everybody is anxiously waiting for the upcoming Samsung event when the company will unveil its brand new Galaxy S IV device. But, as expected, pictures have already started leaking around the internet claiming to show what Samsung's new device will look like.

The pictures you see here come from a Chinese forum and they purport to show a Chinese version of the Galaxy S IV. If these images are real, and so far they seem to be, Samsung's upcoming device hasn't changed much in terms of design when compared to last year's Galaxy S III. The only real difference is that the new phone is supposed to have a 5-inch HD screen.

Besides the new, or rather old design, we also get to glimpse some specs for the new device. The resolution is indeed HD at 1920x1080, the phone has 2 GB RAM and a "Universal 5410" CPU. This fits quite nicely with the expected 8-core Exynos 5410 that is supposed to be launched with the Galaxy S IV. The device also runs TouchWiz on top of Android 4.2.1.

As these are "unconfirmed" leaks from China, you should take them with a grain of salt. And also remember that last year Samsung used fake cases to throw people off their design trail. So better make that a fistful of salt. In either case we won't have long to wait as Samsung's launch event is just days away.

Via: Pocketnow Source: 52Samsung

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