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Interview: Star Wars Battlefront

We talk Rebels, Ewoks and galactic battles on PC, Xbox and PS2 with LucasArts producer Jim Tso.

Star Wars. In a videogame. We've heard it all before but in-form developer Pandemic's Battlefront looks set to be the real deal, the Star Wars game fans have been hankering after since that golden-haired wuss of a farmboy first blundered across a couple of manky droids. It's offline, it's online and we want to take it hard.

Taking the brilliant multiplayer thrills of EA's Battlefield series, and giving gamers the same freedom in the Star Wars universe, Battlefront is a sci-fi wet dream of a game in the making. We mopped ourselves down and giggled excitedly in front of LucasArts producer Jim Tso to find out more.

What type of characters do we get to play in Battlefront?

Tso: You can play any side and jump into any vehicle. We have content from all of the other Star Wars movies - the prequels and the classics. So for each of the four sides there are six different characters. The basic one [for the Imperials] would be the Stormtrooper - the basic infantry guy, the Shocktrooper who is an anti-vehicle guy, the pilot - every class can jump into a vehicle, but the pilot is the only one who will automatically repair a vehicle while they're driving, and they're also the only ones who will automatically eject themselves when a vehicle is blown up. The scout is like a sniper.

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