New Resident In The Evil Village

Resident Evil 4 welcomes the President's daughter. A fictional president obviously.

Capcom has revealed that 'Ashley' will be a new playable in the latest creepy instalment to one of Capcom's signature series': Resident Evil. We're told that after Mr Main Character 'Leon' saves her from her hideout, a mystery man accompanies them, though why we're not quite sure. He's probably one of those losers who won't get the hint that she's not interested in him, and she's just using him for his car/money/attention, etc... Clearly, this mention is of importance and we would think his role is key to the story's development.

Also before you get to use the lovely Ashley, as Leon you will have to carry her to safety while avoiding the lunges of hooded god-botherers. This mysterious group wants to use her in a ritual, quite possibly involving a camcorder and some 70s music. Interestingly, Leon will not be able to attack while holding Ashley, with only dodging and running available to him. A challenge indeed. If that wasn't enough, he then has to fight a large mutant - the very same seen in this video - which is invulnerable to bullets.

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