Kyro III delayed, Kyro II 'Ultra' delayed too

Thanks to The Register for the heads up on this news:

STMicroelectronics' successor to its well-regarded Kyro II chip appears to have been delayed. Not much, mind - instead of an anticipated late 2001 release, we should expect it to surface early 2002.

So say unnamed "STMicroelectronics officials", cited by Xbit Labs. They also noted that the company has put back the release, expected late summer, of the overclocked Kyro II, tentatively dubbed the Kyro II Ultra by fans of the chip.

Chip release dates are always something of a moveable feast, so we're not entirely surprised that the next-gen part has been delayed. The part is in "advanced development", according to its creator, Imagination Technologies' PowerVR division, whatever that means exactly. No specific reason is given for the Kyro III delay, but the so-called Ultra part appears to be that it's simply not needed right now. The Kyro II is selling nicely, so why bother? appears to be the company's line.

News source: The Register

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