LCD Monitors to Take 80% Share in 2006

Displaybank have brought out an interesting report on the projected market share that LCD monitors will have this year. "LCD monitors are expected to account for more than 80%", stated CEO Peter Kwon. They also expect LCD Monitor shipments to hit 125 million, 20 million more than 2005. If true this will equal a impressive 80.4% share.

According to Displaybank size will also become a major factor in LCD sales this year. 19" monitors will account for 28% of LCD sales in 2006, and current mainstream 17" monitors will make up 61% of the market. Consumer demand for larger panel monitors has meant that release dates have been pushed forward as demand is already high.

Sales of CRT monitors have been falling each year since the introduction of LCD's into the mainstream market. Sales of CRT monitors in 2006 are expected to be half that of 2004, which had 64.2 million sales.

View: Displaybank

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