LG shows off an array of robots at CES 2017

As part of its CES presentation, LG announced a new line of robots as part of its IoT ecosystem. The robot you see above is part of its Hub line and will connect with other appliances in the home and utilize Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition technology to comprehend commands.

Although we currently have multiple devices that can control a smart home, the Hub Robot is intended to be a central point where users can activate different devices while roaming about. The display is flexible offering visual information like images and data and can even show a variety of different facial expressions to convey emotion, much like Asus' Zenbo.

Furthermore, the Hub Robot can do basic tasks like playing music, creating reminders and relaying updates for the weather. While the Hub Robot will be the main component to the system, LG has also produced smaller robots that can be placed in various parts of the home similar to Amazon's Echo Dot. Since they are smaller, they do not have the same capabilities, but they still retain the same smarts as the larger model.

Airport Guide Robot

As part of its push into the commercial market, LG also introduced the 'Airport Guide Robot'. This robot will soon be in use at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport and will be able to provide travelers with assistance.

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Source: LG

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