LG unveils new refrigerator with 29-inch touchscreen, 2MP camera and Alexa voice support

A couple of years ago, when companies like LG introduced a "smart" refrigerator, many laughed it off as being a bit much. But as technology has advanced and IoT has grown in popularity and availability, the smart refrigerator is starting to make more sense.

At this year's CES, LG revealed its latest smart refrigerator - yes, one that is newer than the Windows 10 model announced late last year. The new model still offers ostentatious features like a 29-inch display, but also some very compelling and practical ones as well. What makes LG's flagship model different is that it offers Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, giving users a new way to interact with their fridge - but it appears that the Cortana voice interactions seen on the Windows 10 model have been ditched.

Perhaps one of the more interesting features of the fridge is its 2.0-megapixel panoramic super-wide-lens camera. The camera gives users the ability to remotely check the inside of their fridge while they are out shopping for food.

Although pricing has not been announced, judging by last year's top-end model, the new unit will most likely retail somewhere close to $5,000 USD.

Source: LG

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