Lumia 520 on sale for only $39.99 with no contract

Switching smartphone platforms can be a challenging experience. If you are deeply embedded with iOS or Android, spending a couple hundred bucks and signing a two year contract to dip your toes into the Windows Phone experience may not be an easy pill to swallow. But, if you want to try out Windows Phone and don’t want to spend all your Christmas cheddar, you can pick up a Lumia 520 for $39.99.

That’s right, on Amazon, you can buy a Lumia 520, with no contract, for $39.99 which is an absolute steal. Need further convincing? You can read our review here.

Sure, the specs may not be top of the line but Microsoft has done a great job of optimizing the hardware and software for the Windows Phone that results in even low-end devices having an optimal experience. If you are on the fence about Windows Phone, this is about as cheap as it will ever get (unless you sign a two year contract) for buying into the Windows Phone ecosystem.

No word on inventory at this time but we suggest if you want to get in on this deal, you better act quick. Additionally, unlocking an AT&T device isn't the easiest thing to do and if you were hoping to use this device on another carrier, you should look into the process before purchasing.

[Update] It looks like Amazon has sold out or already raised the price of the 520; the sale lasted for about 7 hours.

Buy: Lumia 520 for $39.99

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