Magnetic toy company to announce magnetic electronics connector 'Nanoport'

Nano Magnetics, a toy company which makes tiny magnetic balls called 'Nanodots', is set to announce their expansion into the mobile market with their newest device: A "universal magnetic connector technology". 

The company, which makes magnetic desk toys similarly to competitors 'Buckyballs' and 'Zen Magnets', has posted an event listing on, the webpage for the Consumer Electronics Show -- an annual electronics trade show which showcases upcoming products from around the industry. According to the page, Nano Magnetics is planning to announce 'NanoPort', a product which they claim will "demonstrate how its new magnetic interface will extend the possibilities of device interaction and explore the potential of enabled electronics, peripherals and appliances." Thus far nothing else has been announced about 'Nanoport', and the company declined requests to share further details. However, viewers will get to see the device firsthand on Tuesday, January 7th at their press event during CES 2014. 

This comes over a year after major controversy about the popular magnetic toy balls, after a rash of cases involving small children and even teenagers swallowing the magnets came to light. The magnetic toys came under heavy scrutiny afterwards, with other companies having their products banned outright by the federal government's Consumer Product Safety Commission. The ban eventually led industry leader Buckyballs to shut down business and liquidate their assets. All of this has led to a tough industry for the toymakers, which would make expansion into other markets a smart move, and even smarter if their product lives up to the hype.

Source: CESWeb via CNET | Image via

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