Mass Effect 3 PC Digital Deluxe Edition to be Origin exclusive

Electronic Arts has announced the second game product that will be an exclusive PC download for its recently launched Origin service. Today the game publisher revealed that the PC Digital Deluxe version of Mass Effect 3 can only be purchased and download via the Origin web site. The Digital Deluxe PC version of developer BioWare's third game in the sci-fi shooter series will cost $79.99, $20 more than the standard PC version. It will contain a number of in-game items and other extras not found in the standard edition.

One of the in-game items is an N7 Arsenal Pack which will give the player access to some new versions of the assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, and sniper rifle. There will also be some alternate outfits for your squadmate to wear and an N7 hoodie for your character to wear. Our favorite in-game item is the robotic dog which you can have be your constant companion while you are on board the good space ship Normandy. There's no word if you have to take care of the dog.

Other extrs in the Digital Edition will be a 70 digital art book, an exclusive digital comic book from Dark Horse Comics, the game's soundtrack and some kind of digital art piece of the game's lead character Commander Shepard.

If you don't care for all of these extras and just want to buy and play the game, don't worry; the standard edition of Mass Effect 3 will still be sold via other download outlets such as Steam. The game itself is due for release in the first quarter of 2012.

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