Megaupload employee to be held in Netherlands

One of the many team members for the shut down file sharing web site Megaupload will be spending some time in the Netherlands. reports that 32 year old Andrus Nomm of Estonia will be placed in custody in that country for 60 days. He is currently awaiting extradition to US officials for charges of online piracy.

Nomm was reportedly a software programmer for Megaupload. He was arrested in the Netherlands on Friday in Rotterdam, a day after Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and three other Megaupload team members were arrested and charged in New Zealand by US law enforcement officials. Earlier this week, Dotcom was denied bail by the judge in that country and will remain in jail for the time being.

In addition to Nomm's arrest, a server farm operated by Leaseweb in Amsterdam and Haarlem was raided in connection with the case. Mega Conspiracy, the parent company of Megaupload, reportedly rents 630 servers from the Leaseweb server farm at a cost of 65 million euros.

Another Megaupload team member, Sven Echternach, was reportedly arrested in his native Germany. Yet another Megaupload employee charged in the case, Julius Bencko, is still at large.

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