founder Kim Schmitz appears in court [Video]

If you missed it yesterday, was shut down and the owner and other individuals were arrested around the world after the site was accused of harboring piracy. 

The owner of the site, Kim Schmitz, appears briefly on TV as he was arraigned in court in New Zealand. The video, posted below, shows Kim in court and the police say that they confiscated over 6 million dollars of vehicles and found more than 10 million dollars in cash (presumably in New Zealand dollars which coverts at a rate of NZD/USD = 1.24113).

After the arrest, Anonymous took it upon themselves to seek revenge in the name of The group attacked many websites including the MPAA, RIAA, DOJ, and FBI. The attacks were all in the form of denial of service but raised awareness that the group was rather upset, along with many others, that was taken down.

Thanks for the tip FMH!

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