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Microsoft and Sharp enter licensing agreement for Android devices

Microsoft has been actively pursuing Android vendors as they are infringing on the company's patents. Microsoft has announced today that Sharp is the latest vendor to sign with the company to be able to use its Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) technologies in its Android devices. 

Microsoft has been aggressively pursing companies that are selling Android devices using its exFAT technologies. It was speculated that Google bough Motorola for its patents to help its vendors (and itself) be protected from Microsoft patent portfolio but so far, Google has yet to successfully defend itself against the cases brought against them. Microsoft states:

Microsoft Corp. has entered into an IP licensing agreement with Sharp Corp. to use the latest Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT). The agreement covers the use of exFAT in smartphones distributed by Sharp based on the Android platform. Today’s deal marks continued momentum by Microsoft for its exFAT technology licensing program.

Microsoft is now collecting royalties every time Sharp sells an Android device and seeing how Microsoft has inked many of these agreements with several different vendors, Android is bringing in quite a bit of revenue for the company. 

Microsoft is likely far from being done pursuing Android vendors as the company works to protect its patents. We doubt this will be the last agreement we will see signed between Microsoft and Android vendors and expect to see more agreements signed in the future. 

Source: Microsoft

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