Microsoft Dynamics CRM video turns office into a forest

We have seen some interesting commercials for both Windows 8 as well as the Surface tablet released by Microsoft in the past few weeks. Now the Microsoft Dynamics CRM division is joining the party with its own high profile Internet video with some high production values.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows a office cubicle that looks like its stuck in the 1980s, complete with a bulky PC monitory and keyboard. The man in front of this rather depressing scene is then given a package which happens to be a Surface tablet.

The scene is transformed from an office to a forest setting as the man works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM software and services to help create what looks like a very fancy treehouse.

In a new press release, Microsoft said that it will release the next major update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in December. The company added:

New application capabilities in this service update also include pre-defined best-practice sales and service business process definitions, which are highly configurable and will accelerate time-to-value for organizations; deeper connection to Yammer and Skype; embedded Bing maps; Microsoft Office 2013 compatibility; and cross-browser support enabling new levels of communications and collaboration for customers.

Source: Microsoft Dynamics CRM on YouTube

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