Microsoft goes all Oprah, hands out serious swag to employees

Microsoft held an all employee meeting today and took a bit of influence from Oprah by announcing that employees will be getting some serious perks. According to GeekWire, the company is upping the refresh cycle for work PCs, handing out Surface RTs to full time employees and giving out Windows Phone 8 devices for work and home use.

The meeting was internal but did cause quite a commotion in the Seattle area today by locking up the highways (worse than usual) and even prompted local radio stations to alert non-Microsoft employees to stay the hell away from KeyArena.

Image from inside the all employee meeting | Twitter

Microsoft employs 94,000 employees so upping the refresh cycle to get all employees on Windows 8 faster, handing out Surface RT products and giving out Windows Phone 8 devices will come at considerable expense. But when you are Microsoft, you are capable of doing these types of things to show loyalty to your employees and to move them onto the company's latest products.

Source: GeekWire

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