Google to Acer: Use another OS on your phones and you'll regret it

Google isn’t feeling very comfortable with the thought of its OEM partners trying out other OSes behind its back. At least that’s the impression Acer got, when Google politely informed them if any partner releases a non-Android handset ‘Google will terminate its Android-related cooperation and other technology licensing,’ forcing Acer to postpone the launch of a new device, the CloudMobile A800.

The statement comes from Alibaba, the Chinese internet group behind Aliyun, the OS that Acer’s new device was to run. If Alibaba is telling the whole story, then it sounds like Google is using a lot of the same tactics that (supposedly) got Microsoft in trouble back in the ‘90s. What’s ironic is that it’s obviously going on the opposite direction this time – if Google is serious about this, you can bet that they won’t be afraid to make the same threat over OEMs trying to use Windows Phone on their devices, either.

Acer’s comment was a bit more neutral, simply noting that Google was ‘concerned’ by Acer’s use of Aliyun, and that “Acer will continue to communicate with Google and the company still wants to launch the new smartphone…”

Obviously, Google is mum on the matter. But if Alibaba is being truthful, this could turn into something big, especially if Google is making similar threats against other manufacturers. Most governments probably wouldn’t look too kindly on it, either.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Thanks to Neowin member Max Norris for the tip

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