Microsoft KIN ONEm and TWOm back in stock at Verizon

The Microsoft KIN line of phones was nothing short of a disaster for Microsoft the first time around as it failed to meet sales expectations. For a phone targeted to tweens and teens but required a full fledged data plan with half of the features, the device was dead before it even arrived.

It appears that Microsoft and Verizon have sat back down and hashed out a new agreement for the KIN series of phones as the KIN ONEm and KIN TWOm have appeared back on Verizon's website sporting new prices and a new data plan option. The devices now come in at $20 for the KIN ONEm and $50 for the KIN TWOm but still require a data plan of $9.99 or higher and a two year contract.

The phones appear to be identical to the previous KIN ONE and KIN TWO despite the additional 'm' on the name. It's unclear if Microsoft is simply doing this to clear out stock or if this is a fresh new push for the platform. Zune Pass still is present on the devices but it looks like you can only stream it over WIFI instead of 3G. 

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