Microsoft: Nokia kept some of its Lumia hardware features secret from us

There is perhaps no tighter partnership between an OS company and a third party hardware vendor than the one between Microsoft and Nokia. The two have collaborated on developing the Lumia family of smartphones that have various versions of Windows Phone installed. However, there were times when the two companies didn't know what the other was doing.

In a new interview on CNet, Windows Phone head Joe Belfiore stated that Nokia sometimes kept out details of what new hardware features they were putting into their Lumia products from Microsoft. He said:

We would make changes in the software, or prioritize things in the software, unaware of the work that they're doing. And then late in the cycle we'd find out and say, "If we had known that we would have done this other thing differently and it would have turned out better!"

Of course, now that Microsoft is planning to buy Nokia's devices and services business, there should be no more secrets between the two groups. Belfiore stated in the interview that should result in "even better" smartphones that will be released at a faster rate.

And what about the other remaining third party Windows Phone OEMs? So far, none of them have commented on their future plans in the wake of the Microsoft-Nokia deal. Belfiore seemed to not be too concerned about that issue, saying, "Some of our partners have come, and some of them have gone over the years. It's not likely to change the big picture."

Source: CNet

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