Microsoft now allowing users to rename their Microsoft Account - again

When Microsoft launched the first preview version of, they also allowed users to rename their Microsoft account with the old account turning into an "alias" of the new Microsoft account name. Unfortunately, some Microsoft account holders later reported they were unable to access their older emails, SkyDrive files, and other content when they changed their account name;  Microsoft decided to disable the account renaming feature in December.

Now it appears that Microsoft has fixed the problem. Neowin can now confirm that Microsoft account owners can now rename their accounts once again if they choose to do so. Microsoft claims that all of the old account information and contacts will transfer to the new account address "within 48 hours."

While that's good news for account holders, there was also a recent rumor that claimed Microsoft was going to allow those users to create up to 10 different aliases for their account. So far, there's no indication that feature has been added and it's possible that Microsoft won't be putting in the extra aliases support until they are sure that everything works with the account renaming feature.

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Source: Microsoft Account | Image via Microsoft

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