Microsoft offers even more info on Xbox One's controller in new video

Microsoft has not been shy about offering information on the official controller it has developed for the upcoming Xbox One game console. However, it would appear that the company is pretty proud of the gamepad and has released yet another new video that showcases the changes and improvements it has made compared to the Xbox 360 controller.

The over seven minute video, posted on the official Xbox YouTube channel, has Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb chatting with Zulfi Alam, the general manager of the Xbox accessories group. The video also shows the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers side by side, so that the physical difference can be seen.

One small but noticeable change on the Xbox One controller is that it doesn't have any screws. The Xbox 360 controller has screws and Alam stated that after eight hours of gaming on that gamepad, Xbox 360 players could feel the screws. That made the controller less comfortable to hold. The Xbox One controller doesn't have screws and in theory should be able to be held for a lot longer for big marathon gaming sessions.

The thumbsticks on the Xbox One are also slightly smaller than the Xbox 360 version, and Alam actually takes off the controller's cover in the video to show that the D-pad on the Xbox One version has been placed closer to its motherboard for better access. He also talks about adding a microUSB port on top so that it can can be used as either a wireless or wired controller. Alam claims that the wireless mode has 20 times more bandwidth than the wireless Xbox 360 controller, combined with less latency.

The Xbox One symbol on top of the controller has the same functions as the Xbox 360 version, in that when you press it it takes you to the Xbox One dashboard. Alam said that the button is made in part of transparent aluminum so that a light can shine through the button when it is activated. 

While Microsoft is including an official controller inside every Xbox One console, the company is taking pre-orders for the controller itself for $59.99, along with a Play and Charge Kit for the controller for $24.99. You can also get both the controller and the Play and Charge Kit for $74.99.

Source: Xbox on YouTube

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