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Microsoft posts Vine clip hinting at WebGL support for IE10 ... or IE11?

For the past couple of years, Microsoft has said, "No" to putting in WebGL support in its Internet Explorer browsers, due to various security concerns. Now it appears that the company could be changing its mind on the matter, and the news comes from a rather unusual source.

Earlier this month, Microsoft started a campaign to promote IE10 via quick clips on Vine, Twitter's embedded video service. Today, the company posted up its latest Vine clip, where a puppet version of "IE Sr." chats with an equally puppet version of IE10, stating "HTML5? What's next; WebGL?", The two puppets then look directly at the camera before the clip ends.

The change of heart on Microsoft's part with WebGL might happen as early as June, when a preview version of Windows 8.1 is scheduled to be released. In an leaked build of the update that was released on the Internet in March, a programmer discovered evidence of WebGL interfaces in that build's version of Internet Explorer, iE11, although they were not actually functional at the time. It's possible that WebGL support could bypass IE10 and only be released as part of IE11.

Some website developers feel that the lack of WebGL support in current versions of IE have resulted in a number of web-based games and other apps running slower in the browser compared to Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox, both of which support WebGL.

Source: The Browser You Love To Hate

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