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Microsoft makes Siri look foolish in new Windows 8 advertisement

The gloves have come off in Redmond as Microsoft's latest Windows 8 advertisement takes one of Apple's key features, Siri, and uses it to show how Windows 8 tablets best those of Apple. The advertisement is quite clever and even knocks Apple's own iPad advertisement that feature the end user playing chopstix.

It's about time that Microsoft got agressive with its campaigns as the previous commercials, while somewhat entertaining, never showed how Windows 8 tablets were better than the competition. But, with the new advert, Microsoft is hitting Apple hard by knocking one of Apple's best features, Siri.

We will be curious if Microsoft continues to bash the iPad in new advertisements as the iPad is the tablet to beat, at this time. The advertisements reminds us a bit of the iconic Mac VS PC commercials that Apple used to run many years ago where they showed how Macs were better than any PC. Seeing that Microsoft is now the underdog in the tablet market, it's about time they took their gloves off and started producing more agressive advertisements to win back some marketshare from Apple in this segment. 

Source: YouTube

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