Microsoft releases OneNote Clipper, not to be confused with Clippy

The OneNote team has announced that starting today, OneNote Clipper is available to Chrome users in the form of an extension for the browser. The feature has been heavily requested and Microsoft seems to have taken the suggestions seriously.

Clipper is designed to allow you to save anything on the web to OneNote with just one click. Microsoft describes the tool by saying "think of it as your camera for the web, snapshotting any webpage you see directly into OneNote." Clipped webpages appear automatically in the Quick Notes section of your notebook and include all of the primary content from the page including text and images.

Previously, the tool could only be used by adding it as a JavaScript-powered bookmarklet in your browser that would send the page to your OneNote when clicked. Now Chrome users have the option of using it more natively in extension form without messing about with bookmark links though. Microsoft explained the decision to make a Chrome extension on the OneNote Office blog, saying

"After looking at the initial usage data, we saw that a lot of you are using the OneNote Clipper in Chrome. We also heard many of you asking for a Chrome extension for the Clipper."

The company also described how the extension makes it even easier than ever to save webpages to OneNote as a button launching the utility appears on the Chrome toolbar, next to the Options button. It is available for download by heading to from Chrome.

The OneNote Clipper Chrome extension appears as a toolbar button to make saving webpages easy

Microsoft also announced that they have created a Springpad to OneNote migration tool ahead of the imminent closure of the Springpad service on June 25th. Springpad was formerly a competitor to other digital notebook tools such as OneNote and Evernote and the closure will affect many users who have large notebooks created with the service.

It appears as though Microsoft seeks to capitalize on the closure however by making it easy for Springpad users to migrate the contents of their notebooks into OneNote. All you need to do is export your Springpad notes as a ZIP file from the product and go to the Springpad to OneNote migration site.

Follow the instructions and Microsoft will automatically add all your Springpad notebook pages to your default OneNote notebook. Springpad notebooks will become OneNote sections and Springpad pages will be added as OneNote pages within the created section.

The improvements to the OneNote Clipper tool make the service more attractive to existing users whereas the Springpad to OneNote migration tool hopes to attract more users. All in, Microsoft has expanded OneNote's capabilities in two separate minor ways today that combine together to make the popular note-taking product more attractive than ever since the service became free earlier this year..

Source: OneNote Office blog

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