Microsoft shows off on video the future of advertising with Kinect

Microsoft is breaking new ground with Kinect. The platform from Microsoft, first deployed for the Xbox 360, is a revolutionary device, not because of its gaming potential but because of what it can do outside the gaming environment.

Microsoft recently released the Kinect SDK for the Windows platform that will allow developers to take Kinect to the next level. But not stopping with an SDK, Microsoft is now showing off the potential of NUads. These new forms of advertisements will enhance the way marketers are able to interact with consumers. The video below shows off one example of how the new advertisements could be used.

This new information and video comes from the Microsoft blog where Microsoft states the television is mostly a passive experience. They believe that with Kinect, the television experience can now become dynamic. Microsoft states:

Perhaps the most obvious and powerful demo in the video is interaction with shows – Enrique shows voting on a movie and that’s just the beginning. Imagine what the future of reality shows could be like when you can vote with your voice or gesture. It changes the user experience but also changes the business model of those shows, which typically gather fees from customers dialing in to vote.

The new interactive ads provide a new opportunity for marketers and consumers, but hopefully they will be used for good as the last thing we need is a Bonzi buddy for the Kinect.

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