Microsoft updates Phone Insider app ahead of Windows 10 phone preview

As February comes along so does the prospect of seeing the first build of Windows 10 on phones and small tablets and to that end Microsoft has started making preparations.

The Phone Insider app, which was originally spotted not long ago, got an update in the middle of the night and was renamed Windows Insider. This fits nicely with the preview program currently going on for PCs, which allows users to test preview copies of Windows 10.

In the same way, by using the Windows Insider app on the phone, users will be able to download and install preview builds of the next mobile version of the OS.

The updated app now also allows users to sign in with their Microsoft accounts – something that didn’t work prior to this – but that’s about all they can do, as they’ll be greeted by a “no builds” message.

Windows Insider also hints at certain hardware requirements that phones will need to abide by if they are to receive the builds. Unfortunately that link isn’t currently live so we’re not sure what to expect. Microsoft did publicly say, however, that virtually all modern Lumias will receive the update to Windows 10 so there’s no reason to panic just yet.

The first public preview of Windows 10 on phones and small tablets is scheduled to drop in February so make sure to download the app if you want to be ready. And if you need a refresher check out all out previous coverage on the upcoming OS.

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