Microsoft updates Windows 10 Movies & TV app for Insiders on PC, phone and HoloLens

Microsoft has been hard at work improving its Groove music app on Windows 10 in recent weeks, with a long string of updates making their way out. It hasn't forgotten about its other major entertainment app on the OS, though.

Microsoft's Ellen Kilbourne has shared details of a new update for the Movies & TV app (known as Films & TV in the UK) heading to Windows 10 users.

The update is being made available first to those in the Windows Insider Fast ring, bringing a range of improvements to the app on PC, phone and HoloLens:

  • You can now control the Movies & TV app on your console (Xbox Preview Only) using the Xbox app on your PC or phone.
  • We changed the experience when you choose a movie or TV episode that you’ve already partially watched. The app now asks if you want to restart from the beginning or continue from where you stopped last time. This means you don’t have to use the transport controls to get back to the beginning if you’d like to start over again.
  • When searching for content from the Movies & TV app, you can now see Store search results too. This gives easier access of Store content from the consumption app and is especially important for console users who are only using the Movies & TV app to playback Store content. You might notice that they search results aren’t as high quality as they have been in the past within the Store app…that issue is known and is being addressed.
  • We added more telemetry to tell us which codecs you’re using so that we can better understand the types of files you have.

The update bumps the version number up to 3.6.2350.0, and assuming everything goes smoothly with its Fast ring testing, it's likely to become more widely available over the next week or two.

Source: Microsoft via @ellenment

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