Microsoft's blind bet tops 5 million hits

A few weeks ago Microsoft launched its latest Bing campaign, Bingiton. The idea takes inspiration from the old Coke vs Pepsi blind challenges from a few years back and places Microsoft and Google search results side by side and asked the end user to decide which results were better. The end result is that folks chose Bing nearly 2:1 over Google when it came to deciding which search engine offered better results. Additionally, Microsoft has said the site has received over 5 million hits.

This is obviously a big win for Bing but the problem Bing faces now is that they are fighting the habits of consumers as their product offers parity with that of Google. For Microsoft, a true win will be to make Bing a first though, not an after thought when it comes to search needs.

Google is constantly updating its search engine, much like Microsoft, and as the two juggernaut battle out of search supremacy, most users prefer Google simply because it is habit. The idea behind Bingiton is to get consumers to try out Bing in a blind comparison against Google's search engine to see who really is the champ. With Bing coming out well ahead, it is now up to Microsoft to hammer home that Bing is not just a viable alternative to Google, but it offers the best results on the web.

If you have tried out Bingiton, let us know in comments if you chose Microsoft's solution or stuck with Google's trusted results. 

Source: Microsoft

Try: Bingiton

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